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Without trust, a relationship is nothing but a sham. Trust in a relationship that involves both you and your lover. However, you often find a way of overcoming any trust issue. You both are good at communicating and talking your trust issue out. In fact, you both could easily talk about what is affecting you or making you lose hope about things.

There is always a strong relationship that is often faster by a good understanding. However, one of you fears betrayal more than death. You are talkative as a result of Mercury being your planet leader. You love talking to the extent that you find it very hard to think while talking.

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However, you seem to be a little bit cooler and silent when it comes to intellectualism. You hold on to the intellectual side of your planetary ruler. You could find it very easy to jump into the stream of silence that is known to your lover. Your lover could communicate easily with silence due to the flow of a river.

When Virgo Scorpio friends combine with each other to discuss things, you find yourselves discussing amusingly.

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  7. Your emotional attachment to your lover is also connected to how good you both communicate with each other. Both of you are always ready to go to any length in life in overcoming any issue.

    Scorpio Compatibility: What Zodiac Sign Should A Scorpio Be With?

    Apart from this, when both of you combine intellectually, you two will be unstoppable in life. Is Virgo sexually compatible with Scorpio? If there is something that your lover would like to run after, it is your honor. The fact that you have a fascinating relationship is a plus for your sexual activity. In fact, most of you often hide your sexuality, but it is tough to do so. Often time, your lover could be very rough with you, and this could make you uncomfortable and violated. As a person, you often look for someone that will share your emotion about life.

    However, if this is what you share with your lover, your sex life will never suffer but will be filled with satisfying moments. The best time for you both to create emotional security is during sex. It is the case that both of you are ready for each other. Just like you want someone that can reach the emotion behind your rationality, your lover wants someone that will satisfy his communication craves. Your lover happens to be that kind of person who can dig past your rational nature to bring out your emotion.

    Apart from this, you are very sensitive, and when it comes to love, you do everything to satisfy your lover. Often time, Virgo Scorpio sun signs find it very easy to get along with each other. This is because you are the best to figure out your lover.

    Who Is Most Compatible With Scorpio? | LoveToKnow

    An emotional relationship between both of you will be solid. The only problem that could make your relationship difficult emotionally is the criticism that you both are prone to.

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    The planet rulers for your relationship are Mercury and the combination of Mars and Pluto. Mercury happens to be your ruler while your lover is ruled by the combination of Mars and Pluto.

    The combination of your planet rulers is capable of making both of you successful in life. It is the case that you will be able to communicate well with your lover without much ado as a result of your ruler. Most of the time, Virgo and Scorpio horoscope match go well with each other. While you find it easy to make your relationship better with communication, your lover makes it better with passion. The fact that your relationship is attracted to your energy while your lover always runs after your loyalty and practicality. You are an Earth sign while your lover is a water sign.

    Both of you seem to be very deep and always ready to face any situation whatsoever. When there is too much pressure on you, you often hide in your shell. Any suggestions? Talk you your pisces about works best for them. Sometimes all it is is to let them have a day with there friends or or spa day. Pisces gets smothered slowly, over time.

    May take years… and you may see them start slipping away from u. This article holds a lot of truth for us as well. I am on the oposite of this. Pisces female newly independent and I like my me time…but my scorpio male is hard to read. He has been single for 10 years.. I like my me time to recharge and process things to how I want to perceive them. And When we spoke more and more, I realised how amazing he was.

    Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility: The Dreamer and the Sorcerer

    Being next to him or even just being in the same room is enough to just driver me insane with Lust. The first time we talked, our interests lined up, and we conversed for hours on end. We both have a strong sense of philosophy, that when talking about poetry, we both have different interpretations, but they both make sense to us, even when people looking on have no idea of the magic going on in our heads. I have always been one for openness, willing to attempt anything at least once, and he is the provider of those daring needs. Like he gets it. And I love it… I absolutely love it all.

    I love the feeling I get when he looks at me, when he brushes his fingertips against my cheek. There is a perfect balance between our sexual passion and emotional connection, and I have yet to see any issues conflict with us. I love him. I am a scorpio female and my lover is a pisces male. He and I fight a lot but our love is strong because he and I always come back to each other. He is my best friend. When we first met I felt this instance connection with him. Our first kiss confirmed it.

    He is the love of my life and I am so happy to have him in my life. I have never been more close to someone. I absolutely agree with this. I hope that he and I last a long time because I wouldnt want anyone else to be my better half! I love you! I ran into an old Scorpio lover of mines from my younger years and our chemistry even when we are simply having a conversation, is out of this world. This definitely shed some light…. I am a scorpion woman and my man is a Pisces the sexual contact is out of this world we knew from day one we would have one another for life I his bonnie and he is my Clyde.

    I just felt that connection. I felt a whole galaxy in my heart, filling with blankets of stars. But meeting this one particular boy, sewed sunshine in my heart. I had no regrets, nothing. I was first introduced to him when I walked into a room filled with all my friends, I seen him there, I felt like it was meant to be, since somehow he made friends with mine. They never cared for what anyone thought of them.

    Hey there!

    That later on inspired me. Became my bestfriend, but when I met him, I was head over heels for this other guy. I dated him for about two years, but I felt like I was single through most of it. Constantly fighting. He later on cheated on me with his best friend. A few months later, I thought I should give Austin a chance, since I felt right away there was something special there.

    And believe me there is. Fighting with Austin never comes to mind, never. The other night I slept over at his house for the first time, we were intimate, passionate, in love. Pisces are usually shy with these kinds of things, especially this little one. I felt those feelings.

    I felt open towards him, so I let him in, I let him. Not regretting anything, I let him. It felt magical, and still I continue to dream of what happened that night, and ever since on. It was beautiful. I was married to a Scorpio woman, notice was. It worked for awhile, ended very, very, bad.

    Sex was just okay. I feel this is so true. Im a Scorpio and my boyfriend a Pisces. This just explain us all the way. This article almost brought me to tears because of its accuracy. I gave him every reason to trust me, but he just never did. Scorpio men can be so moody and complicated.

    I had the hugest crush on him while we were growing up, and at the same time I could hardly stand to be in the same room as him. After graduation though as we both matured though, we grew into good friends despite dating other people. Then when we were both finally single for a while, and he moved back to our home town, it was like something had completely switched. He always comes back which I love that part males me feel special or needed but our fights are crazy bad only because I want him to quit drugs.

    It will be 4 years next year we started off friends and became a couple i love him and thiss is very true the traits of a scorpio is dark and very sexual and they love hard when they love some1 they love them ALOT!! And in order to keep ur scorpio all u have to do is give the scorpio attention , sexual healing , and dont LIE!!

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    scorpios compatibility with all signs Scorpios compatibility with all signs
    scorpios compatibility with all signs Scorpios compatibility with all signs
    scorpios compatibility with all signs Scorpios compatibility with all signs
    scorpios compatibility with all signs Scorpios compatibility with all signs
    scorpios compatibility with all signs Scorpios compatibility with all signs
    scorpios compatibility with all signs Scorpios compatibility with all signs
    scorpios compatibility with all signs Scorpios compatibility with all signs
    scorpios compatibility with all signs Scorpios compatibility with all signs

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