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Ring now to make a better plan for September.

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness. So, what are you waiting for Sagittarius? Your sign is known for their ability to fly, when the rest of us are still trying to get off the ground. Use the advantage the stars are giving you to work really hard up until the 16th, after which time it will be a case of every sign for themselves. You have friends in high places and this is the month you should use them. Someone you didn't expect to part ways with in the workplace opens up a whole new world of possibilities by their departure.

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Ring now we need to talk love. Try not to analyse everything that everyone says, or you are going to end up feeling stressed and unsupported. The truth is Capricorn, you can do all that needs to be done on your own. You just need to work out early on what and who is most important, as everyone will be vying for your attention.

The chance to try again at something you failed at, is too good to turn down. Be true to you and show that you are a sign who can put pride to one side. Give me a ring now to hear about the many hidden assets your sign possesses. Life is about to get very exciting for you. Try not to hurry the relationships in your life, but allow them time to mature and develop at their own pace. It is the only way you are going to feel in control of your life. Being true to your promises and commitments you have made for the weeks out is imperative, if you are to avoid falling out with those around you.

Large outlays are forecast, which ensure your long-term future is a more secure place to be. You're not. So, make the effort to be a part of all that is going on. Ring now so I can tell you more.

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You can't use up creativity Pisces. In fact, the opposite is true, for the more you use the more you have. I know that family have been taking up more of your time than you would like, but it's all for a very valid reason, so try to play the role they have cast you in.

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Issues will be solved before you know it, if you do. Jupiter helps you to earn money from unusual sources, which is sure to give you a tale or two to tell at a later date. Those of you going on first dates this month can expect a second a third and even more! Ring now to hear why you can't get someone from your past off your mind. Terms and conditions: Astrology calls cost 75p per minute plus your telephone companys' network access charge. You must be 18 or over and have the bill payers' permission.

For entertainment purposes only. ARIES March 21st-April 20th It would seem that you've had quite an effect on a close one, who now can't seem to make any decisions without consulting you. Libra is the sign of beauty, balance, perfection and peace. October is all about being satisfied with your physical appearance and paying attention to your feelings, as you learn to love yourself faults and all.

So your motto for the month is from Libran actress Naomi Watts. The key is to find the harmony in what you have. Your tranquil demeanor will be challenged around October 1, 13 and14, when Pluto and the Full Moon stir up passions, grudges and jealousy. Smart Scorps will look within as you contemplate, meditate or ruminate.

So your mantra for the month is from birthday great, music icon and peace activist John Lennon. The fiery Full Moon on October falls in your drama zone so expect some extremes — everything from passion and parties to arguments and dummy-spits.

Capricorn September Monthly Astrology Horoscope 2019

Nothing much will faze you though! An awesome opportunity could also appear via a friend, acquaintance or work colleague. With the Sun, Venus and Mars visiting your career and reputation zone the focus is on work and your public image. Difficult days are October 1, 7, 8, 14 and 27, when your need to be in charge could get out of control.

Capricorns can be bossy bosses, so you need to look at your leadership style. There is more likelihood of long-term success and satisfaction if you are consultative and inclusive. Draw inspiration from Libran birthday great, peace activist Mahatma Gandhi. This month Mercury, Venus and the Sun all shimmy through your career zone. So take the time to re-evaluate your current job, a professional project or a volunteer position. Make sure your public image is in line with your uniquely quirky Aquarian self.

Enjoy being the authentic you! Romance and intimacy are highlighted, as vampy Venus and sexy Mars spice up your love life. Are you tired of being single? Quit procrastinating Pisces! The mid-month Full Moon finds you dreaming about exotic foreign escapades, and international connections could also prove to be beneficial. The New and Full Moons highlight your health and humanitarian zones. So your mantra for the month is from birthday great, writer Roald Dahl.

With the Sun, New Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars all visiting your friendship zone, the focus is on friends — how to find them, nurture them and keep them. So your motto for the moment is from writer Roald Dahl who was born on Sep Some Geminis will feel overwhelmed by work pressures or family politics. Friday September 13 is fabulous for conversing and communicating; mixing and mingling; flirting and having fun.

But avoid being led astray by a smooth-talking partner, relative, student, colleague, client or customer. Have the courage, conviction and fortitude to forge your own path and follow your own dreams. The first few days of September favor travel, tourism, educational matters and joint ventures.

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But you need to tread carefully around September , when the Full Moon amps up emotional intensity, and Neptune opposes Mars. You seem to have all the elements you need to carve out the future in your mind. So, use your tools to calculate the best moves possible. You would only be holding yourself back from achieving better things. Clear out the disappointments and heartache so you can make room for positive changes. Learn to manage your expectations as well. That would probably have been the reason for your upset in the first place.

Do what you feel like for others and not because you expect something in return for your actions. What goes around will come around. Hard work certainly pays off this month. You are fully in charge and in control of your path. The decisions you make will determine your success. Opportunities will be in abundance.

Help will be available, so be open in receiving it as you see fit. The time will come when you will be of help to others. A nice flow of giving and receiving will be established this October. Set your ego aside and participate in the exchange and the rewards will be generous. You could either face your haters and trolls this month or walk away from them. The latter is always an easier option, but is it the best option? It would work out better in the long run if you stuck it out and faced your demons.

Fight your corner and stand up for what you think is the truth. There will always be people around you to take you down from your high horse, be it now or later. Be open this October, and feel free in expressing yourself. This relaxed demeanour will allow you to trust your heart and go where it takes you.

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