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And if then it should be configured, etc. He also mentions the Anonymous of which refers to Antiochus, together with Vettius Valens, Antigonus and Heraiscus as writing on the power of the fixed stars.

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From this he concludes that Antiochus wrote in the second half of the second century. The logic, evidently, is that Ptolemy has to be before, while Porphyry, ca. This does not seem very firmly established to me. The citations from Hermes look like the sort of thing that Dorotheus of Sidon was coming out with in the mid first century BC, while Nechepso-Petosiris he has already dated as early first century.

No contradiction there, as Pingree remarks — but surely these all suggest an earlier date than AD? Interestingly Antiochus is used as an authority in Arabic astrological texts from the 9th century on, together with Dorotheus and Vettius Valens; a combination of authors already found in a 6th century source used in epitome III, which itself was used for epitome IV. Pingree infers that the 6th century source was translated into Arabic. He then proceeds to analyse all these sources, coming finally to the conclusion:.

It is found in ms. It has been printed as CCAG vol. Pingree gives a table of contents, and remarks on the many passages which are also found in Porphyry. The text is incomplete in this, the unique surviving manuscript. There are 28 chapters, the last of which is incomplete. There may have been further chapters, and clearly there should be more than one book. Florence Laurentian 28, 34 11th century , on folios v. Some chapters cover topics from the Isagogika , but others are word for word identical with Porphyry, and one cites Paulus of Alexandria who composed the second edition of his own Isagogika in AD!

So this epitome is probably a work of the th century. It is printed in CCAG vol. There are 53 chapters. A translation by Robert Schmidt is available from Project Hindsight. Pingree lists five manuscripts, one of which was destroyed in the fire of the Royal Library in Turin. A further six manuscripts he lists as deteriores. He writes:. The present translation bas been made from two sets of excerpts edited in the Catalogus Codicum Astrologorum Graecorum.

This set of excerpts was edited in Vol. Many of the entries in this collection were apparently taken over almost verbatim by Porphyry in his Introduction to the Tetrabiblos. The second set of excerpts from Vol. III, p. Boll is identified as being from the same Thesaurus of Antiochus. Most of these insertions are attributed to Heliodorus by the modem editor. A few of the sections are of doubtful authorship.

We have translated those that the editor has attributed to Antioobus with some certainty. But there is no work of Antiochus listed on p. The material he translates is in 9 chapters. And the material he lists for vol. When I have more time, I must try to reconcile these. That is very useful to have! We really need a list of astrological writers, with bibliography of editions and translations, online.

The nearest we have is this, from Project Hindsight.

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This tells us about Serapio:. Serapio of Alexandria of uncertain date, but probably B. Not explicitly mentioned by Firmicus, but perhaps belonging to this period. The few surviving fragments of Serapio mostly deal with inceptional or katarchic astrology that is, electional issues ; there is one important fragment that sets out a general strategy for doing such katarchic investigations, and Serapio may have been one of the earliest systematizers of this theory. Interesting, but a bit short of detail and indications of sources.

But in the RealEncyclopadie, vol. IV, V and Cicero Att. According to the RE, the list of definitions apparently tells us p. For Sarapion or Serapion Alexandrinus, who perhaps is the same as Serapio of Antioch, a disciple of Hipparchus, or so it would seem, who taught at Alexandria, see Boll, Byzant. The work from which excerpts are presented here was indeed written at Alexandria, as appears from p. A few weeks ago I wrote of my discovery that a bunch of ancient astrological texts existed in an largely unknown English translation by Robert Schmidt of Project Hindsight. A table of contents for each volume is on the site e.

Antiochus of Athens is here. These translations have remained unknown.

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They were originally sold on a subscription basis to interested people in the astrological community, and so did not circulate more widely. The existence of astrology and astrologers in our own times is something of a curiosity. It was important to get rid of astrology so that astronomy could be born. This has led me to take an interest in the matter, and perhaps to write more than I might otherwise have done. I believe that all ancient literature should be accessible to anyone who wants to click on a link. At the very least, it should be easy for people to find out about them!

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So I invested some of my own money and obtained three volumes from the series; Antiochus of Athens, The Thesaurus ; and Hephaistio of Thebes, Apotelesmatics vols. I was warned that these were not of professional quality, that they were reprints, perhaps even photocopies, and that this was why they are not widely advertised. A package arrived this morning from the US. On opening it, I found three A5 booklets, a card cover, bound as a single-quire with two staples in the spine holding the quire together.

My first impression was positive. The text is typeset professionally, the tone is calm and sensible, and the introduction by Robert Schmidt a model of professionalism. I attach a couple of photographs. You should be able to click through on these to the full-size images. Unfortunately it is rather dim here today, and I am never that handy with a camera taking images of pages anyway.

The volumes, as far as book production is concerned, seem to me to be perfectly acceptable and nothing to be ashamed of. A few of the pages betray the odd mark indicating that a photocopier has been involved — the odd dust speck, the odd hair. But all of us have photocopies of that kind! The text is always perfectly clear and readable with none of the blodges that you get from photocopying old paper. The prices are rather high, it must be said at once.

But you can haggle. The introduction to the Antiochus by Robert Schmidt is a model of how this should be done. He indicates his sources, he states what text he is translating, and he gives an appendix indicating how he has translated specific technical terms. The additional editorial work and notes by Robert Hand also look good. This issue of technical terminology is a real one, which must obstruct all progress in this field until a specialist lexicon is compiled. Mark Riley, while working on Vettius Valens, did start compiling such a lexicon, and he has placed his notes online.

It is interesting that Robert Schmidt has found the same need, and I could wish that the Project should place online a digest of how these terms were rendered. In fact Dr Schmidt might be well advised to publish an article in some technical journal on this very subject. A number of volumes of Vettius Valens are in the Project Hindsight list. It seems that Dr Riley and Dr Schmidt worked independently, neither aware of the other.

But the result is probably of benefit to everyone. Robert Schmidt is now reworking his translations, with the benefit of 17 years experience, into a new series of hardbacks, again to be sold on subscription. I wish I knew how to get some of the major libraries here to subscribe, for it is clear to me that these volumes need to be held in research libraries, and will otherwise be very hard of access. Anyone any ideas?

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A note from Prof. Which is all to the good, of course! The general quality of writing, tho, is considerably inferior to the final version, and it is not nearly so readable. We peasants, however, will still gain value from the thesis. I examine a diverse set of texts and instruments collectively known as parapegmata.

These were used for predicting and tracking such things as astronomical events, day-to-day weather changes, lunar phenomena, and certain types of astrological influences. The word parapegma pl. By extension, the word also refer to a group of texts which were derived from these instruments, and which tracked the astrometeorological cycle typically by linking it to a calendar. I call this process tracking a lunar or astrometeorological cycle. In inscriptional parapegmata , each entry would have a hole drilled beside it to receive a moveable peg. The peg would be shifted on each consecutive day, and thus the inscription beside the peg would contain the information pertaining to the current day.

There were also non-inscriptional, literary parapegmata in both Greek and Latin. A typical example of these would list the dates of a coming year in, for example, the Roman or Egyptian calendar, and, for particular dates, offer astronomical and weather predictions for that year. These calendars were used in Greece from at least the fifth century B.

The Romans translated Greek parapegmata into Latin, and they were developing their own versions by the first century B. In particular, their inscriptional parapegmata were often used to keep track of lunar days, hebdomadal days and nundinal days. There was also a corresponding Egyptian tradition dating from at least the fourth century B. Until the early twentieth century, the only known parapegmata were found in the astronomical or divinatory manuscripts of, for example, Ptolemy, Geminus, and Johannes Lydus.

But is your astrological sign a good fit? Which element and Chinese zodiac animal best represent you? Fun quizzes and fascinating facts will help you discover what the stars could be saying about you! In one lazy afternoon, young people can evaluate their memory, discover their Myers-Briggs personality type, and find out just how well they know their closest friends. Plenty of fact and theory go along with the pencil exercises, memory challenges, and games to play with groups. Readers will pick up vocabulary like telekinesis and clairvoyance and learn about thinkers like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

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Death, free will, astrology, more. Simplified Scientific Astrology No interpretation.

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astrologer gr alphabet Astrologer gr alphabet
astrologer gr alphabet Astrologer gr alphabet
astrologer gr alphabet Astrologer gr alphabet
astrologer gr alphabet Astrologer gr alphabet
astrologer gr alphabet Astrologer gr alphabet
astrologer gr alphabet Astrologer gr alphabet
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astrologer gr alphabet Astrologer gr alphabet

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