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This is a great way to learn about astrology and the effect of the planets on our personal lives. The paid Time Passages app of course has more features. You can view biwheels with the natal and progressed charts, or natal and transit charts. I suppose it would be difficult to view a triwheel on an Iphone, but that would be a great feature at some point in the future. AstroGold is the Iphone app from the folks that brought us the Solar Fire family of software programs. I confess that although I have been an astrologer for about 30 years I use only a fraction of the features of my Solar Fire package, and most of these extra options will certainly be lost on the average user.

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This blog has moved to Patheos, please join me there. Why is it so important for me to get the latest update of the program I use? I'm having problems with my software. What should I do? What are the real strengths and weaknesses of interpretation software? Why shouldn't I look for interpretations and predictions from Vedic software? Adding Astrology to your Website How can I offer people free charts on my website?

How can I offer my website visitors daily horoscopes? For Astrologers on a tight budget Why does good astrology software cost so much?

What is the least expensive astrology program that has accurate calculations and a full atlas? Purchasing astrology software through me Why order software via download Why do you sell astrology programs at a discount and have the lowest prices? How have you developed so much expertise about astrology software? If I purchase an astrology program to receive via download, how long will it take?

Do I need to have the earlier version of an astrology program on my computer to install an update? If I don't like a program I have purchased, can I return it or sell it to someone else? What are the best tools for learning to use my astrology programs Contact me Click to Return to A. When PCs and Macs were first introduced, they were very expensive.

But very quickly PCs dropped sharply in price -- because IBM allowed other companies to make them -- making them much more affordable to astrologers at the time, Macs cost about three times as much. As a result, PCs outsold Macs by a landslide, and astrology software companies focused on writing programs for PCs. As a result, while there are only two Western astrology programs for the Mac, there are hundreds for Windows PCs.

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If you want to be able to use a specific technique, or chart a newly discovered planet, or explore a specialized branch of astrology like Huber, Hellenistic, Cosmobiology, Chinese, Medieval, research, financial, etc. Even in more common areas of astrology like astromapping, transit graphing, or Vedic astrology, the programs available for PCs are the by far the best, and offer functions not available on the Mac. So unless you have a very compelling reason to go with the Mac platform, the best choice is to get a PC running under Windows.

I am occasionally asked about Linux, smart phone apps, or other operating systems, and in my SoftStar News column, I have started to add articles on programs for these platforms. Some of the main reasons to purchase a Windows PC instead of a Mac are: 1. More for your money. Even in , there is a "Mac tax", i. For those on a limited budget, PCs are much better choices. Many more calculation programs. There are only two calculation programs for the Mac, and there are dozens upon dozens of calculation programs for the PC.

Having a much wider selection means not only that you have access to a great many astrological techniques that cannot be performed on a Mac, but also that you get to choose from a wide variety of software styles to find the one that runs in a way that works for you, and that prepares charts, tables, and other graphics which appeal to your esthetic tastes. Being limited to two programs on the Mac also means that you might or might not like the interpretive reports offered, or the range of interpretive reports. More Powerful Features.

Mac software has chart animation functions, but neither compare to the versatility or power of the chart animation functions of Solar Fire Gold on the PC.

TimePassages for Windows and macOS

Similarly, both offer astromapping modules, but they are very basic in comparison to the incredible range of capabilities offered in the astromapping features in some PC programs. Kepler and Sirius offer theme maps showing where to go for love, creativity, etc. Research Only one of the Mac programs allows you to search chart files for planets in signs, houses, aspects, etc. To evaluate the accuracy of the planetary calculations or the atlas in your software, go to the tests in my article "The Optimal Use of Astrology Software" by clicking here.

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This article will help you evaluate the accuracy of your software very effectively. You can read it by clicking here. Great customer service. When you get one of the best programs, the company will provide wonderful customer service to help you install the software, use the program and resolve problems that arise, and they also offer prompt bug fixes. When you purchase programs through me, you get each company's full customer support as well as my support via email.

Continuing development. Good companies continue to develop their software and offer major updates every few years. You can count on new techniques, new astronomical bodies, and new capabilities to be added to your program.

These are the 7 best horoscope apps for iOS and Android

In addition, they update their time change atlases, which is crucial for accurate results. Accuracy and Quality. The best programs are very accurate, function smoothly, rarely if ever crash, and are largely bug-free. You can count on the charts, tables, graphs, and reports they produce. Note: I recently wrote an article comparing the features of the best astrology programs.

The Windows 7 operating system is much like Vista, just a bit more polished. As such, virtually every major company now has their software working perfectly with Windows 7. The only exceptions are 1. AstroDatabank , which is no longer being sold and had problems with Vista, and 2. In early November when I talked to the folks at Astrolabe, they mentioned that if you are trying to install Solar Fire Gold on a Windows 7 PC using a Solar Fire Installation CD that you purchased before November , during the installation process, when it asks "Do you want to check for updates?

Recently, an astrologer asked me to check whether the major Windows programs would run under 64 bit Windows 7.

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I am running all of the programs myself on a 64 bit Windows 7 system without any problems. This has made it significantly easier to run Windows programs on Macs.

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In most cases, it requires that you purchase both an emulation program and a copy of Windows, and if you decide to do so, you will also need anti-spyware and anti-virus software to protect your Windows on the Mac. Additionally, there can still be a few compatibility issues e. Fei Cochrane of Cosmic Patterns has written a very fine article on this topic, which you can read by clicking here. And one of my favorite websites, lifehacker. Apple Watch integration is just an added plus. You can also personalize the app so that it gives you your horoscope immediately upon launching, which saves you from having to navigate to the appropriate screen.

Are you looking for more apps? Check out our picks for the best apps for Android and the best apps for iPhone. TimePassages TimePassages, one of the most popular astrology apps, is now a free app that you can use right on your iPhone. Horoscoper Club This is a great astrology app that allows you to play quizzes online and challenge friends.

Chaturanga Astrology Unlike most horoscope apps, Chaturanga actually allows you to chat with an astrologer.

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