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For more information on this and the related events listed below, call or visit www. Poetry on the Plaza: The Language of Photography features photographers reading poetry about photography. Readers include Roy Flukinger, Ransom Center senior research cura- tor; Geoff Winningham, photographer, filmmaker, and journalist; and Matt Valentine, photographer and program coordinator of the Joynes Reading Room.

Wednesday, Oct. Tuesday, Oct. An intro- ductory essay looks at how Helmut and Alisa Gernsheim built their 35,photograph collection and their pioneering roles as historians of photography. Roy Flukinger is senior research curator of photography at the Ransom Center, where he also served as curator of the photography department for more than 25 years. For availability or to schedule a walkthrough, please call us at William and Henry Walters: The Men Behind the Museum offers an intimate view of the father and son team that built the celebrated Walters collection.

Travel for the exhibition is provided by Continental Airlines. Recent works will be available for acquisition. Exhibition previews by appointment begin October 2 nd. In many cases, the Gemsheims were able to acquire sig- nature photographs by these landmark artists. In the exhibit, Ransom Center curator of photography David Coleman takes a broader historical view, grouping works by period to reveal how the technical develop- ments in the field - the assorted experiments with chemicals on plates, the shrinkage of cameras from cumbersome bread boxes on tripods to handheld point-and-shoot devices - affected not only the quality of the photo- In both the book and exhibit about the Gernsheim collection, we can see the medium of photography inventing itself, discovering how to do what it wants to do and then restlessly expanding the notions of what it is it wants to do.

In , dozens of legends unexpectedly gathered for a photograph that would become emblematic of the golden age of jazz. Tickets at www. WORLD Throughout, their selections manage at once to be visually compelling you want to study them, to drink in all the richness of their composition, shading, atmosphere, humanity , to be representative of the work of a particular artist or era, and to tell part of an overarching story. As with a pho- tograph in a tray of developer fluid, the big picture materializes before our eyes. It will happen, Coleman assures me, but no date has been set.

October 13 at 8pm Sat. For tickets and information: austinsymphony. But then it sort of dropped off the map amid a flurry of hot new salons that were popping up around Austin like mushrooms on a meadow muffin after a spring rain. Now Bella is back - re-energized, redesigned, and raring to go. Long story short? It was a somber, deadpan show. In a nightclub setting no seating, which I loathe.

With deep- ly boring selections from Service Menswear, Estilo, and Stag. Worse than the deadly bor- ing clothes was the presentation itself. The layout was hardly ideal, with the models doing the zombie walk across a stage and back again. I love zombie models, I really do. They hark back to the haughty haute couture models of the s, which can be a good thing. But I always feel that to pull off the zombie walk, you must be wearing kickass clothes. We did not see kickass clothes that night. What trends stood out? The shrunken sport coats.

Remember 10 years ago when everything looked shrunken?

Horoskopa za dnes

Talk about Devo-lution. Clearly, the biggest trend was ill-fitting pants. Even though I was thrilled to see the return of slimmer-cut, higher-waist- ed pants, they all looked terrible in the back. Perhaps that was underscored by the fact that our faces were butt-level with the models: per- haps it was design work; perhaps it was the styling; perhaps it was the dearth of profes- sional models.

In any case, I have to give the show a C The aforementioned Roggie Baer, who seems to have her fingers in many pies www. Even I knew it without ever having been there. But then, there we were. An unforgetta- bly lovely experience in food, drink, and ser- vice. The addition of Saks Fifth Avenue to the lineup raised the menswear bar consider- ably but where was By George? The pro- duction values were what we expect from a Tribeza show and did not disappoint. The clothes were all over the map even when they were from the same store , and while I per- sonally might have styled the ensembles dif- ferently, the models were terrific, the runway was well-lit, and some great holiday options were featured.

Notably, the jewelry from Eliza Page was fantastic - big, showy, runway-ready pieces that were a departure from the usually more delicate pieces. I give them and the show an A Two of my favorite females ever, Jessica McMillan and Jane Schweppe, were there, and with the great DJ, desirable silent auction items, an intimate backyard setting, and small guest list, it was a fabulously relaxing alterna- tive to some of the stuffier benefits lately.

Write to our Style Avatar with your related events , news , and hautey bits : style austinchronicle. North loop Blvd. Martin Luther King Jr. Across the alley was a guy no one ever seemed to notice, but who also never really fit in anywhere he went - an escaped convict going by the name Eric Starvo Galt, born James Earl Ray.

And gaps and ambiguities in the historical record are duly noted with- out disrupting the story. A prime example is the question of con- spiracy: Was Ray part of a wider plot to kill King? Gwynne Scribner, pp.

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Even if you take the spotty and secondhand historical sources sometimes culled from yellowed and racist early 20th century books with titles like History of the Manifest Destiny as gospel fact, Gwynne gives insufficient reason to conclude that the Comanche tribe formed an empire. If you have yet to become acquainted with the operatic three-generation story cycle of both the Indian and Anglo sides of the Parker clan, this well-distributed and -adver- tised title is an entertaining and easy-to-read starting point. Here, kids get not just a room of their own but a whole store within the store, one with its own savvy, youth-attuned staff; play area and storytime stage for the prereading set; and a cozy labyrinth of liberally stocked shelves in which young bookworms just love to get lost.

Lamar 9am - 11pm Everyday Shop online at: www. And make sure you try tke Crawfisk Eggrolls — kandmade daily an d still tke kest! Run for years by Sam Roostaie and his wife, Kobra Kadfhar who are among the friendli- est restaurateurs in town , the restaurant has a menu that is solidly Persian, with an assortment of Mediterranean standards thrown in for the less adventurous.

When I was researching the restaurant, I saw a few negative comments online, but after eating there again, I realized these detractors were simply the unenlightened who had eaten there expecting a run-of-the-mill Middle Eastern diner. What is normally a throwaway dish drenched in olive oil, is, at Pars, light, fluffy, tart, herbal, and per- fect, with the slightest kiss of oil. These are new fla- vors to my tongue, and my tongue is happy. Both were incredible in a pita with some yogurt, onion, and dill tzatziki sauce.

Food like this is a rare treat not to be missed. Friday- Saturday, Oct. The market returns to its regular spot at Jones, adjacent to the Toney Burger parking lot, next week. Saturday, Oct. Complete details, including loca- tions, prices, and reservation information, are available in a note at www. Wednesday-Saturday, Oct. Prices vary depending on courses and wine pairings. Make necessary reservations at or lauri. Thursday, Oct. The event show- cases wines from Europe and South America, complemented by signature dishes from 20 Austin eateries and music by Cienfuegos.

Make necessary reservations at or www. WOOD Lots of folks to congratulate this week! They garnered first place wins with their new creamy jalapeho dip and green chile salsa fresca and with longtime favorites green chile con queso and Jamaican jerk marinade, plus second and third places with salsa verde and salsa con habanero. And speaking of pork-centric food options, chef John Bates formerly of Asti and Wink has a new breakfast and lunch shop in the Anderson Mill area.

Meanwhile, my neighbors in the Mueller development have a new break- fast and lunch spot to try. Sounds tasty! The new series kicks off this month with the Bob Meyer Trio featuring Mitch Watkins playing from pm to midnight on Friday nights. There is no cover, and the kitchen serves until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, as well It has since evolved into a day Munich blowout in late September and early October.

Oh, to be in that great mass of humanity, dancing to the throbbing polka beats, scarf- ing down sausage, kraut, and strudel, and most of all, imbibing from the holy grail. However, a trip to the fatherland currently falls outside my price range. They brought Oktoberfest with them, and it can still be enjoyed around here in several incarnations. Here are some glimpses of a few notable Oktoberfests in our area, as well as some lesser-known ones. Lee Nichols blogs about beer at www. Oktoberfest Fredericksburg, Oct. Then can- cel them, because this event begins Friday and runs through Sunday.

Drinking beer. Friday night, the music begins right after work in three different dance halls; on Saturday, it starts bright and early at 10am, running well into the night; and Sunday it runs from 11am to 6pm. Looking at the photo gallery, I can see some fine German imports including a couple of different varieties of Spaten in business since , and both the dark and light weissbiers, or wheat beers, from Franziskaner Good enough for me - maybe this is the year I finally go.

New Braunfels, Oct. It might seem steep, but when they ask for money for ride after ride after ride, the financial benefit soon becomes obvious. After you sate yourself with five sausages on a stick, follow it up with the potato pancakes with applesauce. Wurstfest has been going strong since , starting with a modest crowd of 2, and now hosting tens of thousands. Since it has been held in Wursthalle, sited on the gor- geous Comal River just outside Landa Park. Like the Fredericksburg celebration, the music lineup features many stalwarts of the Texas German and Czech music scenes.

FM , between Plantersville and Magnolia, Oct. Okay, as noted above, the first Oktoberfest did not occur until half a millennium after the Renaissance, but nobody ever accused Ren Fests of historical orthodoxy. But if you love beer and German food, then opening weekend, when the lords and ladies celebrate Oktoberfest, sounds like your best bet. There will be a bratwurst-eating contest, a polka contest, and an Alpine yodeling contest.

Pauli Girl Oktoberfest beer with apple strudel, kolaches wait, those are Czech! As always, you get bonus coolness points for going in costume. Now in its fifth year, this event has been a success since the start. Seriously - despite being beer-crazy and a big fan of Phelps, I really think it may be the food I love best about this one. Well, that and cute waitresses in dirndls. This new Bavarian restaurant out in western Travis County holds its first-ever Oktoberfest this year.

Special German-Texan beer boots traditional boot-shaped drinking glasses will be for sale, as will German food. Enjoy live music by the Walburg Boys, the Siekers, and the Polkadillos and moonwalks, face-painting, and such for the kids. The Ginger Man, Lavaca, Oct. Not all the details have been worked out, but it will be 4pm- midnight in the adjacent parking lot. There will be an all-you-can-eat buffet, plenty of cold beer, and an arcade for the kids. Never a cover. It tends to have a medium to full body, amber color, and a notable maltiness.

The name comes from the month when it was tra- ditionally lagered put in storage , and it matured and was ready to drink by late sum- mer or fall. Some Texas breweries have taken tasty stabs at this style. I highly recommend these. All are seasonals, so get them while you can: Saint Arnold Oktoberfest: Breaking from convention, this Houston company actually brews this as an ale rather than a lager. The flavor is brilliant, just like the fall leaves on the label.

Munich and Vienna malts make for a rich, satisfying drink. Shiner Oktoberfest: In , its 96th year of operation, Spoetzl Brewery began put- ting out a series of limited-edition beers to mark the run-up to its th anniversary. Thankfully, this toasty-flavored brew has now been revived as a fall seasonal. Live Oak Oaktoberfest: Oaktoberfest, get it? Excludes daily specials and any other offer.

Not valid Thursdays or Fridays from 5pm to close. One coupon per table. Come Watch UT vs. OU With Sound Opening at 2pm! Stop by for dinner and the late-night scene or a quick prowl through the half-price bar menu at happy hour. Sixth, Lamar, Fortify yourself with mojitos and fried plantains before delving into the extensive list of entrees. Fourth, This MSG-free zone offers gluten-free items as well. The spicy chicken bulgogi is a favor- ite of Downtown bartenders. Seventh, Meat lovers will appreciate the Kobe beef carpaccio and braised beef short ribs.

Second, Enjoy tasty and beautifully presented sandwiches, salads, soups, coffees, desserts, and breakfasts. No matter how much you eat, you gotta save room for the pies and cob- blers. Chicken, tur- key, and veggie burgers are options, as are sets of sliders.

The lamb with hot cumin, ma po do fu, and boiled beef with spicy sauce are all excellent. Main St. Lamar , Some unique treats include aborrajado, a sweet plantain fritter, and bandeja paisa, the national dish of Colombia. At least the drinks are cheap and pack a wallop, and the service is excellent. The shaken beef makes us quiver!

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Saucer Bratzel, build-your-own antipasti, and beer varieties round out the night. Try some postprandial shisha at the hookah bar next door. Ill E. North Loop, No corn syrup here! Enjoy well-selected wines by the bottle or the glass and prepared foods to eat in the cavernous, crowded dining room or take out. Daily specials could include lobster, shrimp pizza, king crab, or even crack pie. This place gets packed. Lamar, REDS, www. William Cannon, First, Try the Little Nookies: deep-fried chocolate chip cookies. Bring an empty stomach and your patience. Delivery is available.

B, Lesser mortals will be sated by one of the biryanis or a tangy vindaloo. Anderson Ste. Anderson, Ste. A-3, Visit www. Lamar ! Serving great steaks and good friends for 1 5 years. Oh, whatev- er happened to Randolph Scott, his horse plain as could be? Whatever hap- pened to Randolph Scott has happened to the best of me. Back at their peak in the s, some drive-ins could be found in the Lone Star State, but the advent of the multiscreen cineplex, the birth of VHS, and endless urban sprawl combined to effec- tively knock these glorious open-air theatres of rebel youth out of the running.

The idea was culture and food. And then, because we have a huge back lot attached, the idea of a mini drive-in just seemed natural. But why a mini drive-in in the middle of a residential area? Why not? Not even. Round 1: PlayStation Move. When the blinding excitement sur- rounding the Wiimote dimmed, the primary problem of its imprecision was evident. This lack of exact- ness had the effect of evening the skill divide between players. Enter the Move. This makes for real-time position-tracking capabilities.

What that translates to is a sword-fighting simulator that registers swing angles and jabs directly at your opponent. In other words, it feels good. That feat alone elevates the Move above novelty status and makes it a legitimate tool for gaming. Will it make PlayStations a more attractive purchase to those still debating buying a gaming system? We have another month before the controller wars really heat up.

He admires the beauty of Lady Bird Lake and focuses on the rowers.


Sorkin, who is in Austin to talk about the screenplay he wrote for The Social Network, sighs. The Chronicle recently sat down with Sorkin to discuss what it was like to write about real people - and really young people - in The Social Network, which was directed by David Fincher The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and opens in Austin this Friday. Austin Chronicle: Writing about real charac- ters is a bit of a change for you. Does that alter your approach? You have to take that seriously. AC: We ve heard that you got hot for this prop- erty when you first read the book outline for The Accidental Billionaires.

So you were writing this script simultaneously with the book?

Vracare kontakt

AS: Yes, we were writing at the same time. What I had was a book proposal - albe- it a real page-turner of a book proposal - that Ben Mezrich had written for his publisher, and the publisher was shopping around for a film sale in Hollywood. This is too good to be true. They wanted to start right away.

I was about 80 percent of the way through the screenplay when he gave me the galley of his book. AC: Were there any large inconsistencies between the two? AS: No. We came at it from two different angles. What I really liked was that there were two lawsuits brought against Facebook at roughly the same time. The defendant, the plaintiffs, and the wit- nesses - they all came into the deposition rooms, they all swore an oath, and what we ended up with were three very different versions of the same story.

But everything in that scene, from the sound mix to a napkin stain to a moment when a waitress goes with a tray with beers on it, is meticulous. To me, that kind of direction is every bit as beautiful as a sort of breathtaking feat of technology in moviemaking. AC: You always write about very topical things.

Is that intentional? I like to write about timeless things. In this case, there were these grand themes. The center of it is an invention that is topical and is as modern as it gets. But for the high tech invention, this is what Aeschylus would have written about. A couple of decades ago, this is what Paddy Chayefsky would have written about.

Did you find it more difficult to write about young people? AS: For two hours I did. I tried faking it. I tried writing it using year-old words.

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AS: We were hyperaware that we were tell- ing a story where the truth is in dispute. This character appears emotionally detached and often enig- matic. I thought the way in was this feeling of loneliness and also, occasionally, superiority. And I thought I kind of understood that dichotomy. I can certainly relate to it. So you have to act more to make the lines seem like they work. But in this it was so flawlessly written and it flowed so well.

There was almost a sense of musicality to it. Very shortly before photography, we found out that he was drinking beer that night and found out what kind of beer. We know he was drunk; what does it mat- ter how he got drunk? See Film Listings, p. Exp Call or email us to schedule an appointment: 51 info pinkavocadocatering.

Nutrition Store A huge variety of vitamins, supplements and medicinal herbs. Natural Medicines Natural medicine professionals to help with illness. Lamar Mon-Sat 9am-9pm austinchronicle. Favorite tweet of the fest? The young actor grinned back, "It feels wonderful. Valid for residential customers only. To receive all services, Digital Cable, remote and lease of a Digital set-top box are required. Not all equipment supports all services. Pay-Per-View events are an optional service available for an incremental charge.

Channels may vary by area. Subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply. Call for details. All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved. Show, where he was both co-creator and co-star. And who could forget his sexually repressed Dr. Tobias Fiinke on Arrested Development? Just thinking about him showering in his teeny-tiny denim cut- offs makes me guffaw. Cross stars as Todd Margaret, a bottom-feed- ing temp worker who lands a high-powered sales job promot- ing an energy drink in London. Or even that the energy drink is of questionable quality.

He does this by issuing small falsehoods. But this is where the poor decision-making comes in. Besides his obvious comic timing, Cross is also a master of physical humor. In the pilot episode, Todd tries to sell the bever- age to a captive audience in a small cafe. Todd is bad enough on his own. Todd Margaret has few friends, and the ones he does have are more like angels of mercy. Other guest stars include Janeane Garofalo and Russ Tamblyn. The pilot episode is currently available to view at www. As always, stay tuned.

E-mail Belinda Acosta at tveye austinchronicle. Check out austinchronicle. HimviiI austinchronicle. As Iversed in Mance Lipscomb as he is in M. Ward, Justin Townes Earle is a man beyond eras. A record that's perfect for late Indian summer nights on either the font porch or fire escape, Justin's found yet another ay to be a timeless original. You could call it their OK Computer. But it's arguably better than that. Drum ana organ whirls envelope you on tracks like "Mir- rors" and "Sleep Forever , which nod to Ladies and Gentlemen I Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice have been collaborat- M ing on and off for years, each contributing to the I other's solo records and live shows, but with this record I they had a different intention : using their two voices in V close harmony and playing practically every instru- 1 A ment themselves.

The result is a thirty-five minute blast of whip-smart rock and roll. Building on the roots-imbued sound he achieved with Alison Krauss on the wildly successful Raising Sand, Plant's song selection ana in- comparable vocals make Band of Joy a new triumph. This is arguably the band's tightest, most concentrated venture, but there's still plenty of raw rock energy at work.

It's a rapid-fire succession of engaging performances howcasing the band's range as well as its three distinct His Chocolate Ge- nius guise shifts ever-so-subtly as he embraces a simple idea- to "record something I didn't have to apologize for Rather than push the boundaries with sonic plundering or structural jing, Heretofore finds Megafaun creating one of its most concise, communicative challenging, compelling experiments ever.

Their sound can be familiar to those who have lis- tened to Gonzalez's critically acclaimed records, but added to the mix on top of his nylon stringed guitar and distinctive voice are organs, synths and drums. The songs are often dynamic, melodic and shadowy. It's about the concept of a connection between two people- making it, breaking it, and faking it. The album amounts to the indie-rock equivalent of a brilliant but ultimately doomed love affair. A beautiful, tur- bulent experience that will hopefully leave you wiser in the ways of love and life.

For more information, see www. The reissue faithfully reproduces the original instrumental LP - tape hiss and pops included - and boasts terrific liner notes from Chronicle scholar Thomas Fawcett. They objected to the names of some of our artists. Guess again. The rehearsals were so gruel- ing, and my nerves were really shot about doing speaking lines by myself. Kids run around the faded blue van, banging on the side and waiting for something cold, but the man under the hood is not amused.

The fate of that ice cream depends on him. One comer up from the stalled ice cream truck sits a small, nondescript brick house with no windows, no signs. You made it. Gean West is impeccably dressed in a white button-down shirt, black suspenders with black slacks, and polished black-and-white shoes.

Both West brothers and Tarkinson preach in some capacity. People out there going through things. When they re-emerged last year after a year dormancy, the group took a personal inventory. But we had enough to make it through. Then, by chance, Waggener and his partner, Charisse Kelly, came across the Rev. Last year, they created a channel for their lost and found: Heavy Light Records. You just might get it. Watching them come to life, stepping back into those songs, was a powerful experience. He was about to go back. Life is hard as it is. There must be peace in knowing your message comes from a higher place.

Tommy write. Cedric write every once in a while. But when they done, I take the song and fix it, make it sellable. You know? Already Been to the Mountaintop 50 the Austin chronicle October l, austinchronicle. Naturally, in the Southern gospel tradition, he followed in their footsteps. Now there are grandchildren who sing, too.

They founded a West Dallas community clean-up team and performed at a rally. Afterward, the owner of a local jazz club ushered them into the local club scene. The original Relatives lineup - the West brothers, Tarkinson, vocalist H. Turner, bassist Willie Small, lead guitarist Charles Ray Mitchell, and percussionist Ronnie Mitchell - cut three singles from to Now, I knew Herman Brown from my traveling days.

Stayed at his house with the Mighty Golden Voices. He remembered me, and since there was one group missing, he let us open. And we done good. But the way they found me: That right there says it was the work of a supreme being. Tommy West is preaching to roughly 30 folks the next morning at No Walls Church, located in a strip mall in West Dallas. Women stand up and speak of various ailments, but their faith in God has seen them into another day, and for that they give praise. Tommy cues the band and sets the pews to vibrate. Subject to official rules at austinchronicle.

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Osobe koje prave Crnu magiju mogu biti vase komsije, rodjaci, kolege sa posla, cak i ljudi na koje nikada ne bi posumnjali. Jedino mi je ostala magija. Slusajuci sve doktore pa i razne travare,vracare i druge ljude kod kojih sam bila,vise ne znam u sta da verujem Bila sam i kod doktora Pera Visnjica koji mi je dao Vipsorgal da mazem.

Zdravo imam jedan veliki problem trazim savjet imam stalno strah i poteskoce u zivotu od jednom nam odkazala kola i stalno se svadjam sa suprugom smesno je dolaze teme u pitanju od prije sto uopce vise nisu bitne i to se sve pomesa pa pukne medzu nama kao bomba stalno me nesto u snu uznemirava nemogu da spavam kako treba sa novcoem nikad u zivotu nismo imali probleme i sad od jednom nemogu Astrolog, hiromant, numerolog i prevarant. Koja je moja profesija. Kontakt; , pivoikobaja gmail. Vidovnjaci su osobe koje posjeduju posebnu energiju, neki koriste spiritualne alate, a neki ne.

Ti ne placi, majko stara lijepa Anka progovara u snu mi se Jova javi ozdravicu od ljubavi. To je uglavnom badava posao, pa se muskarci cesto sluze pretnjama ili silom prema partnerki na koju sumnjaju da ih je vezala. Kaufland Osijek radno vrijeme. Merima Njegomir - Ivanova Korita tekst lyrics: Bol boluje lijepa Ankapojila je vodom majkabistrom vodom sa izvorasa korita IvanovaLijecili je svi ljekarii vracare i travariali Anka cezne, vene zbog ljubavi izgubljene Ref.

Na jednom mestu nude vam rasvetu najpoznatijih brendova Aling Conel i Metalka Majur koji ce svojim kvalitetom premasiti sva vasa ocekivanja. Kupovina, prodaja, zamena. Zaplakala stara majka ozdraviti nece Anka uvenuce zumbul plavi umrijece od ljubavi. Skidanje crne magije! Na taj nacin ne morate dolaziti licno i trositi vreme i novac. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Skidanje vlaske magije. Kontakt; Vidovita joanA. Iskreno,od njega mi nista nije bolje. Pade na kolena, tu kraj Manastiri u Srbiji. Ja sam radio sa curom Zoricom u Milicima, Boksitu,tad je imala 20 god,u zivotu nisam video da neko tako od ruke radi vezivanje ali i rastavljanje,sada koliko sam upucen zivi u seocetu Vucevica,iza Sapca,kontakt nemam,ali radi ako oseti da treba pomoc toj osobi,uzima od ruke,moj prijatelj je zvao informacije za broj nekog od zitelja tog mesta ova isla na "terapije" kod vracare, skinula sve sta je imala, sve magije i na kraju ne pricajuci zasto raskida, prekine vezu, pod nekim desetim izgovorom naravno Pitam se samo, kolika budala neko treba da bude, umesto sto joj je pozlilo i otisla kod lekara, ona otisla kod vracare, pri tom raskine vezu E sad, moje pitanje Vidovnjaci.

Vlaska ljubavna magija. Baguje mi akaunt, a ako nestane nek barem bude jasno zbog cega.

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